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May 07, 2020 by Heather McClaire

Let's face it; these are frightening times. Panicked shoppers across the country have caused shortages on everyday essentials, including toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning products. Even medical workers have struggled to find essential items they rely on. With such a heightened awareness of personal safety and hygiene, it's no wonder people are also thinking more about ways to improve their health.

During times of crisis, there are many simple things that can help improve and maintain overall health. Everyone knows that handwashing and social distancing are key, but it's also important to stick with a healthy, well-balanced diet and stay hydrated. Getting plenty of exercise is also critical, even if it's just hopping on the treadmill to get in those 10,000 daily steps. And while improving everyday habits is a good first step, these changes may not be enough to help older adults fight off viral and bacterial infections.

Improve Health at the Cellular Level

One common side effect of aging is a slow deterioration of cells. When cell walls start to break down, their permeability increases, making it easier for viruses, bacteria and toxins to infiltrate. Unlike many telltale signs of aging, this cell wall breakdown is an invisible danger, and it's especially risky when severe illnesses are spreading. Until recently, doctors and scientists believed that cell deterioration was unavoidable and just another risk factor that increases with age. Fortunately, a groundbreaking new product called Membrane Integrity Factor is now available, and it can help reverse cell deterioration and many other symptoms of aging.

Formulated by the highly regarded German physician Dr. Hans A. Nieper, Membrane Integrity Factor is an advanced dietary supplement specifically designed to help strengthen cells and fight off viruses, bacteria and other toxins. This product relies on a scientifically proven combination of two biochemical compounds working together to help repair cells naturally and stop the aging process in its tracks. The primary compound, called 2-AEP, was discovered by Dr. Nieper and has been shown to effectively deliver vital nutrients directly to deteriorating cells.

The second key compound in Membrane Integrity Factor, real human growth hormone releaser (HGHR), helps stimulate the production of energizing hormones that typically decline during the aging process. This powerful blend not only helps reinforce cell walls but is also known to reduce wrinkles, improve nail strength, restore hair color and shine and reduce fatigue.

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Harnessing Science to Reverse Aging

Part of what makes Membrane Integrity Factor so unique is its ability to deliver nutrients to the body at the cellular level. The unique 2-AEP component used in this product is the same biomechanical compound that already exists in cell walls. During his research, Dr. Nieper discovered that 2-AEP can be combined with essential nutrients and serve as a mineral transport system to improve the health of cell walls. Building on this research, Membrane Integrity Factor uses a complex of 2-AEP, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Once 2-AEP has delivered these vital minerals to a cell, it helps ward off viruses and toxins by sealing off any defective pores in the cell wall.

The real HGHR used in Membrane Integrity Factor is another big improvement over other anti-aging supplements. Researchers have linked a decrease in human growth hormone (HGH) to many common signs of aging, including weight gain, decreased sex drive, wrinkles and failing eyesight. While synthetic HGH supplements are available, they're costly and require painful shots from a doctor. A better option is to stimulate natural HGH production within the body using HGHR. Unlike other anti-aging supplements, Membrane Integrity Factor uses a bovine pituitary gland extract that is an exact match for the HGHR released in the human body. This crucial amino acid blend helps spark HGH production safely and effectively without the need for expensive doctor visits.

The very first day of taking Membrane Integrity Factor, I felt the difference and the only word I could say was "WOW" I had energy, sharper in everything. Then I stopped for a while and noticed a HUGE difference. I'm on my way to being a regular customer. -Shirley S.

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Anti-Aging Results You Can See and Feel

Membrane Integrity Factor is a powerful tool for fighting viruses and bacteria, but it can also provide visible anti-aging results. In addition to repairing cell walls and sealing out toxins, 2-AEP can reestablish natural rhythms in skin cells that may be disrupted by aging. This rejuvenating effect can erase wrinkles and bring a youthful texture back to the skin. The advanced mineral delivery process can also restore color and texture to thinning hair and improve the strength of nails and bones. With a healthy energy boost from real HGHR, this supplement is an all-in-one anti-aging solution.

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To celebrate Membrane Integrity Factor's US launch, you can save 50% if you order today!


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What People Say about Membrane Integrity Factor


"I can't believe it! I feel better every day that I take it; it's incredible. I'm maintaining muscle without really trying. My hair color which had been lightly graying around the edges is now darkening back to a younger time since taking Membrane Integrity Factor. My sex drive is coming back stronger than ever, and my sex life is at an all time high. Thanks to Membrane Integrity Factor I'm back to living a fuller life. I feel as good as when I was a teenager! I recommend Membrane Integrity Factor to everyone who wants to feel fantastic."


"I wanted to express my positive results with your product Membrane Integrity Factor. I have more energy and vitality than I have experienced with any other product. In just a short time I have experienced such positive results in my activity level, that I am amazed at the prolonged energy lift I get from this product. I am a very fit active person and this product just gives me the athletic edge I need for performance in all the sports I participate in. I would recommend this product highly to others. Try Membrane Integrity Factor, you won't be sorry."


"I have been using Membrane Integrity Factor Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula…My mother and I stumbled upon this product through my Aunt who swears by this product...I see a difference in my mother. Her wrinkles in her face are not as noticeable and I know her energy keeps her feeling young…I am sure my body is rejuvenating…and prolonging my aging process. I just want to be happy and healthy…I believe in this product, and I look forward to aging SLOWLY and gracefully."


"My beautiful girlfriend Betsy and I have both experienced first hand the effects of aging. Both my face and buttocks began to be a wee bit saggy. Even Betsy noticed a difference in her overall muscle tone. But after taking these darn pills for about three months now, my butt started to perk up! I noticed men starting to notice me on the streets again! I FEEL ATTRACTIVE!!! THANK YOU DR. HANS!!! I have never felt like this before! you gave me my youth back!!!"

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Verified reviews

Mario L. Verified Buyer

Membrane Integrity Factor is amazing

Membrane Integrity Factor is amazing. I was feeling run down from overworking. I decided to try this product to see if I would regain some stamina and improve my general health. The results are truly amazing. People have actually commented that I look younger and I feel great. Definitely worth taking. I'll keep taking this one.

Enid F. Verified Buyer

I was impressed

I was impressed with the many claims made for Membrane Integrity Factor and was eager to see if it worked that way for me, so I started taking it about a year ago. I'm 64, and although my hair is still growing in grey, I shed the extra weight I had gained post-menopause in the first few months, and have had no trouble maintaining my weight the way I used to when I was much younger.

Nabila K. Verified Buyer

Instant Result

After only a month of usage I have increased energy and feel full of vigor. My sleep is also deeper and much improved which was the main reason that I was interested in this product.

Britta Z. Verified Buyer

Thank you Membrane Integrity Factor

I don't remember how long I have used the Membrane Integrity Factor product but it has been many years. I am now 90 years old and everyone marvels at my thick hair and enormous good memory. Thank you Membrane Integrity Factor - I can't imagine how my life would be without it and I am not about to find out. Hugs!

Pamela T. Verified Buyer

Excellent Product!

Membrane Integrity Factor is an excellent product! Just look what this product has done for me since I started using it; rejuvenated complexion, healthier hair, a stronger immune system, more flexible joints and muscles, stronger bones, better sleep, weight loss and a wonderful boost of energy. Thank you Membrane Integrity Factor! I will use this product for years to come.

Jessica S. Verified Buyer

Good Product

I was doubtful with taking Membrane Integrity Factor, but a friend of mine talked me into it. I am a 28 year old and a mother of three. I work out daily. I was experiencing a little joint pain in my knees. After a week with taking it I had increased energy. My libido when up and my muscle tone is great! Also, no more pain in my knees. I've been using Membrane Integrity Factor for 2 months now.

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